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The world of healthcare is constantly changing, and the field of radiology is no exception to this rule. At Valley Radiology, we are always looking for new ways to diagnosis and treat patients. Stay connected with us as we bring you the latest news and information in our industry. 

Vein, Vein Go Away!

Vein, Vein Go Away! As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to break out the bathing suits and dresses! Feeling confident in your skin this summer is easier than ever before with vein care imaging from Valley Radiology...

The Best For Your Breast--Breast Cancer Education Forum

When it comes to maintaining healthy breasts and preventing breast cancer, education is a powerful defense! Join us this Tuesday, April 25th from 6pm to 8 pm for the Fayetteville Area Breast Network’s 2nd annual Breast...

Op-ed: Jordan - Pink is the color of the month

It is October in America, and one color dominates. Rather than autumn leaf gold or gridiron green, unlikely pink has become October's color. Our community, like all others in America, proudly displays its commitment to...


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